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Congregation Sons of Israel was established in 1894 for the purpose of maintaining and conducting an Orthodox Synagogue, in keeping with the dictates of the written and Oral Law of the Torah, as laid down in the Shulchan Aruch and other traditionally authoritative codifications of Jewish Law. The Congregation is governed by an elected Board of Directors that manages and administers the affairs of the synagogue according to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Constitution.

The Board is responsible for raising funds, administering programs, and establishing policy in consultation with the Rabbi, Cantor, and the synagogue Administrator.

The Board is comprised of the President, an Executive Committee, and Trustees elected on a three year rotation.

The Board of Directors meet once a month to discuss and take action on various synagogue issues. 

Executive Board

Donna Moskowitz
1st Vice President
Ken Panitch
2nd Vice President
Judy Hezberg
3rd Vice President
Chemmie Sokolic

Mark Littwin
Financial Secretary
Ilana Weiss
Assistant Financial Secretary
Rabbi Heshy Chaitoff
Recording Secretary
Helene Raush

general board members

Terms Expiring 2021

Justin Kaufman
Michael Partnow
Bruce Goldhagen
Suzie Mindel
Dore Provda
Jack Fuchs

Terms Expiring 2022

Chani Wiesman
Karen Hess
Oze Henig

Jerry Abramson

Andrea Rauer

Terms Expiring 2023

Mayer Miltz

Yaeli Sokolic

Sabrina Spector

Dan Drabkin

Sybil Bernstein

Karen Cohen


past presidents


Jeffrey Lubin
Eytan Irwin
Aaron Greenberg
Bill Jungreis
Mark Lowitz
Ron Zanger


1st Gabbai
Zumi Brody
2nd Gabbai
Jeff Lubin
3rd Gabbai
Rabbi Jeffrey Weiss

Mon, April 19 2021 7 Iyyar 5781