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Notes for Post-Pesach

One may not eat or derive benefit from chametz which was owned by a Jew during Pesach. The following is a list of notes related to this idea. 

  • Unless informed otherwise, you can access Chametz sold through SOI by 9:00pm on Saturday, April 23.
  • Chametz may be purchased in The Kosher Experience in the ShopRite at the Racetrack immediately.
  • In all ShopRite and Target stores, it is recommended that one wait two weeks for items with a shorter shelf-life (bread and cake products) and four weeks for items with a longer shelf-life (pasta, pretzels, boxed cookies).
  • Non-chametz items, including Kitniyot, may be purchased from any Jewish or non-Jewish-owned store (e.g., fruit, vegetables, eggs, cooking oil, etc.)

Please contact Rabbi Davies with any questions or concerns about specific products and/or locations.


And take a look at our new Spring education opportunities:

How do I get rid of my Chametz?
Let me count the ways…

Download the Sale of Chametz Form here,
or pick up a copy at the Shul
Rabbi Davies will be available before and after Mincha/Maariv (7:20) for sale of Chametz.
If you are not available at that time, please reach out to the rabbi to schedule another time to meet.
(all forms must be given to Rabbi Davies
no later than 9:00am on Friday, April 15th)
Come Kasher your food utensils in the Shul kitchen
Please let Rabbi Davies know if this would be helpful to you and when would be the most opportune time.
Rabbi Bilinsky has graciously agreed to oversee Hagalas Keilim at the Shul on Monday, April 11 from 5-6pm.
 Bedikat Chametz, the official search for the Chametz,
is done on Thursday, April 14th after 8:20pm
(Be sure to also check your places of work
as well as your Tallis bags and Shtenders!)
Since usual garbage pickup in the area is on Fridays, we have requested that pickup from Sons of Israel will be on Friday, April 15th at approximately 11:30am so that you have any and all Chametz you want to get rid of off of your property (and ours) before Pesach.

 We will have a community Chametz burn
in the SOI parking lot
Friday, April 15th from 10:30-11:30am.

The latest time to eat Chametz is Friday, April 15th at 10:47am.
The latest time to own Chametz is Friday, April 15th at 11:54pm.
Feel free to email Rabbi Davies – or text or call 609-301-0131.

Also, take a look at these great resources –
OU Guide to Passover,’s Passover Guide,
and Yeshiva University’s Torah To-Go for Pesach.

Ma'ot Chittim
To take part in this mitzvah, send donations to SOI and indicate "Ma'ot Chittim" or submit donation via ShulCloud to the "Rabbi's Discretionary Fund", and indicate "Ma'ot Chittim". You may also give cash or check to Rabbi Davies. Please make your checks out to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund and earmark them for Ma'ot Chittim.

Fast of the First Born
Friday, April 15th is known as Ta'anit Bechorot - the fast of the first born. Men who are first born are required to fast. However, it is the common custom to attend a siyum in the morning, which releases the obligation to fast.

Pesach Seder
If you are looking for a place for the Sedarim or are interested in hosting some additional people at your table, please let Rabbi Davies or Ora know so that we can make sure everyone has a place to go.



Sun, May 29 2022 28 Iyyar 5782