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 Chani Wiesman and Yoni Berliant 


Where did you grow up?
Chani grew up in Queens, NY (Kew Garden Hills) and Yoni grew up in Silver Spring, MD (Woodside)

 How did you meet?
We met at a seudah shlishit learning program in Washington Heights

 Where did you live before Cherry Hill?
Riverdale, NY

 Tell us about your children?
We have 2 kids, Noam, age 6 and Leora, age 4

 Where in Cherry Hill do you live?
We live in a townhouse in Windsor Mews

 What's something about you that people would be surprised to learn?
Yoni is the better cook in our family.

 What's your favorite thing about Sons of Israel?
How people from so many different walks of life can work together to create such a special community.

 What are your favorite Sons of Israel memories?
Musical havdallahs in person. Our kids are looking forward to having these again!


Where did you grow up?
Tovah: Moorestown
Rafi: Seattle

How did you meet?
In 2004 on Frumster AND JDate. We didn’t meet in real life until almost a year later and we didn’t start officially dating until September 2005. 

Where did you live before Cherry Hill?
We lived in Far Rockaway for two years while Rafi was finishing college and to be close to our yeshiva. We’ve been in Cherry Hill for close to 13 years now. 

Tell us about your children?
Judah is 11 and will be in 6th grade at Kohelet, Benji is 9 and Hadassah is almost 6, and they will be homeschooled next year!

Where in Cherry Hill do you live? (ie- Cherry Hill Estates, Knollwood, Windsor Park..)
Forrest Park! 

What's something about you that people would be surprised to learn?  
Tovah posed for a painting when she was 8, and Michael Jackson bought it.

What's your favorite thing about Sons of Israel?
It’s where we got married 💕

What are your favorite Sons of Israel memories?
Aside from our wedding day; Sukkah hops and Simchat Torah, the old sanctuary and it’s awesome mid century modern design

Helen & Alan baker


We both grew up in Brooklyn and met at Brooklyn College.  We got married when I graduated and Alan completed his graduate studies - June 1961.

We moved to Columbus,Mississippi where Alan completed his service in the Air Force as Wing Weather Officer and I worked at a Rehabilitation Center as the first speech therapist in town- newsworthy enough for a special interview on the local TV station!   We returned to Brooklyn until 1971 when a professional opportunity for Alan in Philadelphia brought us to Cherry Hill.    It was this time of year— everything was in bloom— and we decided this would be our new location. 

We live in Forest Park and when we signed the contract to build our new house in 1971 Washington Avenue was a dirt road in the middle of a forest of trees.   Our first Shabbos in Cherry Hill was the first Shabbos the shul opened its doors for davening in their new home— our beautiful (then) new building on Cooper Landing Road— September 1971!

We loved Sons of Israel, were warmly welcomed and became involved almost immediately.   The warmth and caring of the people we met and the friends we made were the cornerstones of our life here. 

Alan and I both served as members of the Board of Directors and in many leadership capacities over the years.   In 1980 Alan was shul president and our children were NCSY presidents- Leslie- Senior and Kenny- Junior. 

Those simchatons everyone remembers fondly were a happening in our community and many times there was  a post party at our home ! Lots of chocolate cake and brownies!

Our children are grown and both live in Chicago area with their families but we are not ready yet to join them and leave our Cherry Hill/ Sons of Israel family. 

Profiled 5/6/2021

Jeffrey & Ilana Weiss

Where did you grow up?
Jeffrey: Brookline, MA           Ilana: Fair Lawn, NJ

How did you meet?
At a friend's engagement party.  But ask us for details some other time because it's a good story.  (Actually only ask Ilana; she tells it more accurately.

Where did you live before Cherry Hill?
Omaha, Nebraska

Tell us about your children?
Naama 11, Meira 9, Adira 7, Ahuva 5.  All with strong but very different personalities!

Where in Cherry Hill do you live? (ie- Cherry Hill Estates, Knollwood, Windsor Park..)
Knollwood next to the playground

What's something about you that people would be surprised to learn?
Ilana: I've never seen the movie Titanic
Jeffrey: I started running at the beginning of the pandemic and I'm looking forward to running a marathon when the world opens again.

What's your favorite thing about Sons of Israel?
The diversity of members and that people have relationships with others who in other places might be part of different isolated groups

What are your favorite Sons of Israel memories?
Simchaton when I was in NCSY!  It planted a seed in my young mind that I would some day move to Cherry Hill (Ilana)

Profiled 4/29/2021


We are optimistic that we will all soon be able to return to shul together, however, as of yet, things are not quite back to normal. Many of us have not seen our friends from shul for months. Additionally, many new families have moved to the community, but due to the pandemic, we have not had a chance to meet and get to know each other. To help us stay connected, we are bringing a new feature called "Won't you be my neighbor". In this feature, you will get to meet new families as well as become reacquainted with familiar faces. 

If you would like to take part in future features, please email Chani Berliant.

sybil bernstein

Where did you grow up? Although born in New York, at age 5 I moved to Trenton.
How did you meet? I met Ed just before I entered high school, although we were in the same junior high at the same time (he was one year ahead of me.) We even belonged to the same synagogue. He was very shy. 

Where did you live before Cherry Hill? The first year of married life we lived in Hamilton Township near Trenton. We then lived in Willingboro for 17 years.

Tell us about your children? We have three children: Laurie Ann, living in Israel for over 30 years and teaches English; Louis, lives in Collingswood, NJ; Debra, lives in Voorhees, NJ, is an engineer, and works for U.S government.

Where in Cherry Hill do you live? Ed and I lived in Northwoods for 43 years. Ed walked to minyan every night (five miles round trip) until age 75.

What's something about you that people would be surprised to learn? Ed and I were married for 60 years. I was adopted at 7 years old.

What's your favorite thing about Sons of Israel? The friendliness of the people.

What are your favorite Sons of Israel memories? The singing at Shabbat Morning Services and working in the kitchen.

Profiled 4/22/2021

Donna & Bob Moskowitz

Where did you grow up? Donna grew up in Philadelphia/Cheltenham and Bob is Brooklyn-bred.

How did you meet? Bob put an ad in the Jewish Exponent. Donna was living at her parents' home temporarily with her 2 daughters, and answered his ad. Bob called on a Friday afternoon right before Shabbat when everything was very harried with preparations and herding 2 small children. They met the following week. Bob was early and waiting for Donna, and the rest is history. 

Where did you live before Cherry Hill? Germantown, Maryland

Tell us about your children?We have 4 children: Hannah lives in Highland Park with her husband, Yacov, and their 2 children – Charlie (2 years old) and Emma (7 years old). Hannah works for the OU and Yacov is an accountant. Davida lives on the Main Line and works as the Marketing Director for MLRT. Tamara lives in Rockaway and is a Customer Service Manager for Tiger. Meir is living in Miami currently.  He has worked security and is now working in an Israeli restaurant

Where in Cherry Hill do you live? The Estates

What's something about you that people would be surprised to learn? Donna is a Physician’s Assistant.

What's your favorite thing about Sons of Israel? The welcoming community and the diversity of our members. No matter what level someone is in our community, they are embraced and welcomed. When you need help, there are at least 10 people there immediately with a shoulder to cry on or strong arms to help.  For a celebration, we are all there. This community supports you through good and bad.

What are your favorite Sons of Israel memories? We looked forward to Purim every year.  There was a huge seudah that you were so grateful for because we spent the entire morning into early afternoon, after a rowdy megillah reading, delivering shaloch manot to the community.  We delivered as a family, in costume, our own themed shaloch manot along with the shul’s. The shul’s shaloch manot was always a surprise, had a great poem and new and unique products to try and enjoy.  The seudah had the best entertainment from our own members – “The Jews Brothers”. They practiced all year for this event creating amusing parodies personal for our community. It was great being together as a community with friends old and new.

Another great time in our community was Simchas Torah, especially when NCSY was strong in Cherry Hill.  Everyone pitched in to house teens. There was so much ruach I thought the police would come to tell us we were disturbing the peace (and a couple of years they did).  There was a special chair to wheel the Chazzan and Rabbi for their honors.  People were tied up in the Ahron.  There was dancing on both the women’s and men’s sides, there was a fantastic kiddush, there was camaraderie, respect, and joy….truly the good old days.

Looking forward, I pray for this community to come together and be able to celebrate many more holidays, simchas and good times Cherry Hill style as we move forward to the 50th anniversary of SOI in Cherry Hill, a new Board of Trustees, and many positive changes.

Mon, June 14 2021 4 Tammuz 5781