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Mikvah Ohel Leah Elul Campaign


Mikvah Ohel Leah 

720 Cooper Landing Road                        Cherry Hill, NJ 08002


Dear Friends, B”H

Now that we are in Chodesh Elul and approaching the High Holidays, we invite you to join in a community wide effort to strengthen one of our most precious and vital community resources – our Mikvah Ohel Leah.  

A Mikvah plays a unique role in the community. It unites us as one kehillah – one large community – dedicated to maintaining and sanctifying hilchot taharat mishpacha, the laws of family purity. These laws have been the source of our spiritual strength for thousands of years, and in Cherry Hill we are proud to have achieved the goal of establishing a beautiful and convenient Mikvah which is at the core of this observance. By supporting our Mikvah each year we will, G-d willing, enable our community to continue to flourish and grow.

The cost of maintaining the Mikvah exceeds the amount received in user fees alone. Therefore, we are reaching out to the greater Jewish community for your generous contributions to support our Mikvah.

Please consider one of the following contribution levels to show your support of Mikvah Ohel Leah:

   $36___   $72___  $ 100___   $180___   $250___  $360 ___  $500___ Other___

Contribute online by clicking here  or make your check payable to Mikvah Ohel Leah, and mail to:

Mikvah Ohel Leah   720 Cooper Landing Road  Cherry Hill,  NJ 08002 

Please remember Mikvah Ohel Leah as you approach the New Year with the Mitzvah of giving Tzedakah.
Wishing you and your family good health and a sweet & joyous 5783.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Ora Davies and Shari Goldberg, Mikvah Co-Directors

Debi Epstein, Mikvah Director Emeritus


~To Enrich the Present and Guarantee the Future~

Mon, March 20 2023 27 Adar 5783