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Mikvah Ohel Leah


Attendant Schedule for October/November 2019

(revised 11/14/2019)


Monday-         November 11:             Shari Goldberg           856-912-2555

Tuesday-         November 12:             Suzie Lubin                 516-528-5356

Wednesday-   November 13:             Debbie Pester              856-298-9494

Thursday-      November 14              Naomi Goldman         848-299-7450

Friday-           November 15:             Zippy Juni                   917-680-1938

Motzei Shabbat-        November 16: Ilana Weiss                  402-682-1166


Sunday-          November 17:             Debi Epstein               856-630-8968

Monday-         November 18:             Debbie Pester              856-298-9494

Tuesday-         November 19:             Chaya Glatt                 732-691-0539

Wednesday-   November 20:             Deena Max                 609-369-1222

Thursday-      November 21:             Yehudeet Gore            732-710-2339

Friday-           November 22:             Alise Panitch              856-304-8170

Motzei Shabbat-        November 23:  Deena Max                609-369-1222


Sunday-          November 24:             Debi Epstein               856-630-8968

Monday-         November 25:           Suzie Lubin                 516-528-5356

Tuesday-         November 26:             Shari Goldberg           856-912-2555

Wednesday-   November 27:             Debbie Pester              856-298-9494

Thursday-      November 28:             Chaya Glatt                 732-691-0539

Friday-           November 29:             Alise Panitch              856-304-8170

Motzei Shabbat-        November 30: Etty Sims                  908-910-5260


Mikvah Monthly Message



The Power of Amen

A few weeks ago, the night before Yom Kippur, over 50 women in Cherry Hill gathered together at the second annual Amen party.  The goal of the event was to usher in the New Year and prepare for Yom Kippur with the reciting of hundreds of blessings. Our strategy was to invite more Bracha into our lives by saying blessings and answering Amen to them.


The program consisted of a short presentation on the benefits of answering Amen. Then the five blessings of mezonos, hagafen, haetz, haadama, and shehakol were recited by each attendee on delicacies catered by House of Kosher. Many of the women chose to dedicate their Bracha in merit for specific causes such as a refuah shelaima, a shidduch or to be blessed with children. The room remained silent, except for the utterance of each bracha. It was inspiring to be a part of this meaningful event during the Aseret Yimai Teshuva.


At the conclusion of the evening Tzedkak for the needy was raised and the entire Sefer Tehillim was completed.


It was a spiritual evening connecting to HaShem and women from all over the Cherry Hill community.

May we answer AMEN to every bracha in the upcoming month of Cheshvan and may we share in many blessings in the year to come!


Chodesh Tov! (Best wishes for a good month!)

Debi Epstein

Wed, November 20 2019 22 Cheshvan 5780