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Mikvah ohel leah

Special Updates

It is of utmost importance to us that we ensure the safety of all women, both users and attendants.  We are not, under any circumstance, allowing out-of-town visitors to use our Mikvah.

*** All Mikvah users and attendants are screened with the following questions prior to entry:***

1. During the last 14 days, have you had contact with anyone who has lab-confirmed COVID-19, is under investigation for COVID-19, or is hospitalized or being treated at home for a respiratory or febrile illness?

2. Have you had any of the following symptoms in the past 14 days?

>  Fever of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher?
>  Cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat?
>  Diarrhea?
>  Muscle aches?
>  Pneumonia/flu symptoms?

3. Have you traveled outside of the US or to any Hot Spots in the last 14 days?

4. Please check your temperature at home regardless of symptoms.  Anyone with a fever of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher should refrain from entering the Mikvah.

In addition we are implementing the following updated protocols recommended by Mikvah USA:

1. The Mikvah attendant will wear nitrile gloves at all times, and will put on a fresh pair between users. A six foot distance will be maintained between all women.

2. We are asking that all preparations for the Mikvah be made at home as if it was Shabbos. For the foreseeable future all changing rooms should only be used for changing.

3. Every user must bring two (2) of her own towels, robe or sheet, and flip flops for use at the Mikvah. No towels or robes will be provided.

4. Every user must wash her hands with soap before coming to the Mikvah. It is critical that she washes them thoroughly again in the prep room before entering the Mikvah pool for immersion.

5. On returning to the prep room after immersion, and before leaving the Mikvah, every user must wipe down all surfaces that have been touched. Disinfectant wipes and nitrile gloves are provided in every room.

6. All laundry and trash must be taken home with the user. No personal property is to remain at the Mikvah.

*Please be assured that the water in the Mikvah pool is properly chlorinated and presents no hazard. To allay any of your potential concerns, the chlorine in the Mikvah water is potent enough to destroy the virus.

Thank you for your diligence in following all of the above protocols for the welfare of all concerned.

With Hashem's help we will all come through this difficult time healthy and well.


Debi Epstein & Shari Goldberg


Health and Safety Procedures

  • Mikvah Ohel Leah has contracted with our cleaning crew to clean the facilities on a daily basis. This is in addition to the cleaning done by the attendants in the evenings. Disinfectants are being used and we are specifically focusing on all handheld items, doorknobs and counters.
  •  We have antibacterial wipes and gloves in all prep rooms.
  • We are requesting a donation of an extra $5 to help defray the added expense of the daily cleaning during the current health crisis.
  • We have and will continue to consult with Medical Professionals as well as Rabbinic authority for further updates.


Mikvah Ohel Leah

Attendant Schedule

September 2020 (updated 09/03/2020)

Tuesday-        September 1:               Yehudeet Gore            732-710-2339

Wednesday-   September 2:               Deena Max                  609-369-1222

Thursday-      September 3:               Etty Sims                     908-910-5260

Friday-           September 4:               Zippy Juni                   917-680-1938

Motzei Shabbat-        September 5:         Atara Paris             781-408-9292


Sunday-          September 6:               Etty Sims                     908-910-5260

Monday-         September 7:               Anat Lackner              267-836-2279

Tuesday-        September 8:               Yehudeet Gore            732-710-2339

Wednesday-   September 9:               Suri Nussbaum            718-427-5731

Thursday-      September 10:             Chaya Glatt                 732-691-0539

Friday-           September 11:             Alise Panitch               856-304-8170

Motzei Shabbat-        September 12:             Kara Kirsten    267-471-5150 


Sunday-          September 13:             Debi Epstein              856-630-8968

Monday-         September 14:             Sarah Zanger             718-968-5870

Tuesday-        September 15:             Yehudeet Gore            732-710-2339

Wednesday-   September 16:             Deena Max                 609-369-1222

Thursday-      September 17:             Etty Sims                    908-910-5260

Friday-           September 18:             Shari Goldberg           856-912-2555

Motzei Shabbat-        September 19:             Zippy Juni        917-680-1938


Sunday-          September 20:             Kara Kirsten                267-471-5150

Monday-         September 21:             Ilana Weiss                 402-682-1166

Tuesday-        September 22:             Shari Goldberg           856-912-2555

Wednesday-   September 23:             Alise Panitch              856-304-8170

Thursday-      September 24:             Chaya Glatt                732-691-0539

Friday-           September 25:             Zippy Juni                  917-680-1938

Motzei Shabbat-       September 26:           Kara Kirsten       267-471-5150


Sunday-      September 27:         Yom Kippur           -- Mikvah is Closed --

Monday-        September 28:             Alise Panitch              856-304-8170

Tuesday-        September 29:             Alise Panitch               856-304-8170

Wednesday-   September 30:             Shira Baratz                609-558-5785

mikvah monthly message       

ELUL 5780

If you’ve ever used the mikvah in this community you’ll have noticed the checklist for preparations includes, as the last item “Preparations should be done with a feeling of simcha (according the the Rambam).

Whenever I read that list, I always think “that’s the hardest part of this list!”

Because the truth is, with our hectic lifestyle it’s not always easy to do the mitzva or the preparations, and doing it with simcha can feel like a tall order.

I think the main reason I or anyone else would have this reaction is because we fail to realize the enormity and value of a mitzvah. If we did, it would be easy to do it with joy.

Chazal say “Bishvili nivra ha’olam”. The whole world was created for me. Not only that, but “histakel bioraysa u’bara alma”. Hashem first consulted at the Torah and then created the world. So it’s not that since we have parents, Hashem gave us a mitzvah to honor them. It’s because there’s a mitzvah of kibbud av v’em -- therefor Hashem created us with parents.

When you put those two concepts together, you realize that every moment of our lives were given to us with a purpose, and that purpose was to fulfill a mitzvah. And when we have that appreciation of the moment -- this is why I am here now, this is what Hashem created me for, we feel joy and fulfillment. 

Wishing you all a K’siva v’chasima tova, and a year of health and happiness to all the special women of this community!

Thank you to Chaya Glatt for sharing these inspiring words for
Chodesh Elul!     Watch the Video


Chodesh Tov! (Best wishes for a good month!)

Debi Epstein

Sun, September 20 2020 2 Tishrei 5781