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Mikvah Ohel Leah



Esther Hamalka is a most unsuspecting heroine. An orphan raised by her uncle, Esther's goal in life was to stay out of the limelight, live a quiet life devoted to Torah and mitzvos, and raise a Jewish family.  By the Hand of Hashem, Esther is crowned queen of 127 nations, inspires the Jewish People in fasting and prayer, and finally is Hashem's messenger in saving His Nation from the hands of the evil Haman.  The most unique quality of Esther is her hiddenness, or secrecy, which is even hinted to in the name Esther, from the root word meaning 'hidden.'  She refused to reveal her identity, and specifically kept her plans to reveal Haman a mystery to Achashveirosh until the very end.

The Gemara explains that great blessing comes to that which is hidden from the eye.  This is certainly seen throughout the Purim story, as Hashem hides Himself as well, under the guise of circumstance.  We can better understand this concept by thinking of some things in our lives that are hidden/protected and precious:  a sefer Torah, buried treasure, Tefillot - such as Shmoneh Esrei, which is said silently, and even our bodies that we dress with care.  The mitzvot of Taharat HaMishpacha are especially unique as they are particularly hidden - a woman herself is the only one who knows that she's done her best to keep the sanctity of her family, and from her flows tremendous blessing.

We, like Esther HaMalka, have an unparalleled ability to bring an abundance of bracha and salvations to Klal Yisrael.  As a sorority of Jewish women, let us continue to use our special, concealed mitzvah as a conduit to bring our families, community, and nation the things we yearn for.  We, like Esther HaMalka, are heroines.

Thank you to Yehudeet Gore for sharing these inspiring words for Chodesh Adar!

Chodesh Tov! (Best wishes for a good month!)

Debi Epstein
Mikvah Director

To enrich the present and guarantee the futureā€¦.


Sun, February 28 2021 16 Adar 5781